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Apr 10, 2004
United States
I have a 1974 FJ40 that is not stock and built for trails that I would trade for a wagon (FJ60, FJ62, FJ80). I have read that the 1974 FJ40 has desireable features for trails but I haven't used it this way (I heard transfecase gearing and 4 spd transmission are desireable)

Reason why I am trading: We are a growing family and I cannot get close to fitting everyone in the FJ40. I also have a stocker 1980 FJ40 that can serve us well around town. I need a wagon that we can use more easily.

1974 FJ40 with original F engine (rebuilt), original 4 speed.

Last 500 miles have seen the following: Rebuilt Aisin carb, Front disk brake swap from 1978 FJ55 (has vented rotors), all new exhaust from engine to muffler. Complete front axle rebuild using OEM toyota bearings, Mini truck PS, full ten point roll cage with extra emphasis on family area in the rear. front seats are attached to the cage with custom brackets. Front seats are 1998 civic buckets, rear seat is a rear bench that folds forward and tumbles

This truck has no rust. It is from Eastern WA state and it is dry in my area. I had a body shop cut out the rear sill and replace with new metal about 3 years ago. iIt is still unrusted and clean throughout the truck.

The engine burns no oil. It does not leak oil.

I built this thing to keep it forever. We have owned it 5 years. I did everything with a lot of thought. I will trade photos with those who have a wagon that they may want to trade. I decided not to post photos as I would prefer a trade than a outright sale. If I post a photo it is my understanding that I have to list a price. Cruiserheads know what their cruisers are worth.

I will trade for a wagon that meets the following criteria:

1) No rust or body damage
2) similar condition to the FJ40 that I am selling.
3) trucks that have been converted to V-8 or diesel trucks are OK.
4) Prefer something that can fit in a 8 ft garage, SOA may be tough?

If I were selling I would guess a FJ40 like mine is worth between 8-10k depending on the buyer. Folks on this board have been known to want a lot more cruiser for their money than is commonly available on the market IMO. I pride myself on being reasonable with values. The machincal condition of this truck is outstanding. The paint is faded and scratched in spots. No dents and again no rust.

FYI- We don't need the money so please don't PM me lowball offers. I have owned landcruisers for ten years (this is number 6). I have a pretty solid understanding of values for these trucks. In addition to the 1974 FJ40 we have a 1980 FJ40 and a 1997 FJZ80 40th Anniversary. Both the 1980 and 1997 are what this board would call "mall cruisers".

Feel free to email me direct at My name is Aaron Riddle. Truck for trade is in Spokane, WA. I hold the title in my possession. If the truck you are offering is worth less than the truck I have, balance in cash would be needed on delivery.


Apr 10, 2004
Forgot a few things

Truck is lifted 4 inches with skyjacker kit. Ford shock towers. original FJ40 springs are included. truck has new poly gas tank in truck also with extra metal tank included. Extra front heater is also included. Truck has custom front bumper and rear carrier. Warn 8000 winch Belleview is included also. Truck sits on 33 9.5 15 on chrome FJ60 rims.

Nice CD player and waterproof speakers.


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