Tractor haz a sad...

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Jul 30, 2011
White Salmon, WA
Last Sunday, I was doing some long-overdue maintenance and noticed that the underside of the top radiator hose was abraded like it had been hitting the fan. That seemed odd, since it has a good inch or more of clearance. Then I started the engine, and in about 2 minutes the upper hose was swollen to almost double size, very nearly hitting the fan. Also, coolant was leaking around almost every hose under the hood, and the overflow tank was percolating like a coffee pot on speed. Hmmm... seems the cooling system is a tad pressurized.

Now, what could cause that? Well, the top and bottom radiator hoses are warm, so odds are against a stuck thermostat. So, grab the coolant gas tester. Sure enough, the pretty blue fluid turned green. Ayuh, head gasket...

OK, in we go.
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On the up side, I desmogged a couple years ago, so the approach is clear.


Gratuitous shots of GM 105a alternator and Saginaw PS pump...


Off to a strong start -- two bolts break off while removing the thermostat housing... o_O

Progress continues, no more broken bolts or other real barriers, other than the fact that it's about 25f outside, and I made the questionable choice to leave the truck outside instead of bringing it in the shop. At the time it seemed easier, and since it may be parked for a couple weeks I didn't want to have to work around it. So I work for 20 minutes, then go inside and thaw my fingers for 30 minutes and have a cup of coffee fortified with the cognac some mystery person at work gifted to me on Tuesday.



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Not the clearest pic, since the camera was cold and didn't want to switch to macro mode. Not too bad for 350k. Still shows cross hatch, and no ridge at the top. I didn't take a pic, but the top of the pistons has just a thin layer of carbon, no wet oil or crud.

Dem bones...


Chambers are pretty clean for not seeing sunlight for over 100k miles.


Springs, caps and retainers all look good. Need to measure them but I think they'll be OK to go back in.

Gack! All the intakes look like this. The valve seals are are hard and plastic, not really in the game any more.


Ready for the solvent tank!

Great thread so far
Nice dude! Looks like a fun job for the time being. Take it that the galley plug has been done previously?
Also was there a discernable place where you could see the HG was blown?
Nope, galley plug is still a plug. It's been on my to-do list for a while, now it gets addressed! I've been working stupid hours since the middle of summer, this is the first time off I've had to deal with the poor truck. I'm going to take care of a bunch of accumulated to-do's while I have it down -- Galley plug, side plate gasket, front crank seal, install the header I have had sitting around for a year, fix the booger welds on my Saginaw bracket (the MIG ran out of gas just as I was finishing, I was pressed for time...).
Fortifications are necessary when one is working outside.
Good, fast progress on this. Don't rule out a cracked head instead of/in addition to a blown gasket. I'd inspect the gasket carefully for areas that look damaged.
"Don't rule out a cracked head instead of/in addition to a blown gasket"

Why you gotta be like that? :crybaby: :moon:
"Don't rule out a cracked head instead of/in addition to a blown gasket"

Why you gotta be like that? :crybaby: :moon:

Because it's commonly overlooked!

Definitely take that head off to the machine shop to have them magnaflux it, to check for cracks. If it is crack free, then they can surface the block and manifold surfaces for you.

Keep it up!!
Man, I need to desmog, that is so clean in there. I may wait til spring to (I need to resurface my exhaust intake manifold). So with the desmog you loose ALL (most of) those lines? Wow. I'm a bit overwhelmed by it. I plan on buying the kit to do it, but it seems like such an undertaking.
You lose most of the lines with a desmog, but not as many as his are missing. He no longer has the HAC and has gone to a Weber carburetor.
Yeah, JohnnyC is right. Check your head.
You are moving fast! ... "while you're there" ...

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