TPS/APPS/Throttle Control Motor Issues

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Feb 20, 2012
Long story, I’ll try to keep this as short as possible. When I punch the Excelerator, I had a total loss of power, but no check engine lights. Finally a check engine light came on I replace my TPS, then my APPS, And clean the throttlebody. Due to poor running issues, I finally gave up and took it to the shop. They found the intake manifold gasket that was leaking, allowing too much air to come in. They fix that, “reset “everything and it seem to be fine. I noticed the idol seen below, then as I pulled into a parking spot it died completely. Started right back up, no issues. After all of this is when I found the check engine light code for the throttle actuator motor And replaced it as well. With the battery disconnected, the system should really learn and be good to go? I have since messed with the TPS trying to “bump “the idme up slightly.I now have a random check engine light that comes on, then goes off. I stopped at AutoZone, the current codes are for the TPS and the throttle actuator motor locked up. I assume if my TPS is not set correctly, that can cause low idol as well as actuator motor trouble codes? Is it possible if everything was set properly, then when I replaced actuator motor that caused my TPS to be off a little? When I replace the actuator motor, the TPS comes off as an assembly, I was not required to break the TPS screws loose, so I assumed all was well, until these issues came up again. Any thoughts?
Sorry for the rambling. Siri helped...
My question is:
Can replacing my throttle body actuator cause the TPS to need to be reset? The TPS comes off with the motor housing and the adjustment screws are not affected.
Or could a PCV valve bushing (rubber) be worn and affecting vacuum thus causing my idle to fluctuate?
12guns - Were you able to get this fixed ?

What was the issue?
Mine turned out to be a leaky intake manifold gasket from a botched coolant-leak job a year before.
Then I had issues with an Autozone TPS. Once replaced with a Toyota part, no more issues. Fast forward a year and along with a starter replacement, I learned my throttle body was not acting right, and wouldn't reset like it was supposed to. Shop was nice enough to sell a full TB assembly to me at cost for around $200, which fixed the issues they had.

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