Toyota's gonna screw me

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Apr 13, 2011
So in looking for this suspension noise (which is fixed btw finally), we discover that my truck is missing, FROM THE FACTORY, safety flanges that prevent my tie rod end sockets from coming loose and unscrewing (which they did, I coulda freakin died on the highway along with a bus load of screaming children and nuns). So my dealer orders them for me, and I get this email:

[FONT=&quot]I have the parts here now, we will need the truck for a couple of hours - booking Tuesday onward next week.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Let me know when you would like it done. Not 100% sure if it is warranty. We need to disassemble first and take photos and contact Toyota before I can comment further. [/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]If you wish to call me I can explain further. I am hoping to leave early today but will be back in on Monday[/FONT]
whaaaaat? It's like forgetting to include the seatbelts then charging me to put them in, and there's still 5 years bumper to bumper warranty on the thing. Even WITHOUT warranty it should be covered as a safety issue. Maybe there's more to it, so I'll call him on Monday to get the story.

Oh oh oh oh what a feeling!
I would install myself.
Save the time,hassle.
Ensure its done right.
on Monday I'll call the service manager who ordered it and get the story. IMHO, if Toyota "forgot" to put a safety part on a vehicle right at the factory, they could have done it on a thousand vehicles, and any one could be a disaster waiting to happen.
Toyota didn't need such things on the old trucks as they all rusted seized tight within a year anyway! :D

Good luck, Pete, hope common sense prevails. :beer:
Finally got into the dealer to review this. Apparently they stopped using the safety flanges in 2008 (mine's a 2010). So I guess I need to check them at least once a year. On another interesting note: Toyota recommends never changing the transmission fluid on my fj cruiser, ever. Weird.
Same with my Subi CVT, maintenance free....
How long is the warranty on that thing anyway?
160k or 7 years
Hmm- better than I thought.

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