Toyota vs. *not* Toyota diesel for my 60? (1 Viewer)

Dec 28, 2010
Moscow, ID
Thanks for all the input, folks!

I'm leaning hard towards seeing how much less I hate my 2F if I fix current leaks, so it isn't pushing me towards a cheaper/easier diesel.

With that in mind, now I'm thinking I should just bite the bullet and go 1HD-T and have my cake and eat it too. I can afford one this fall (~$7k budget is looking like an absolute maximum for 2021), but I can easily swing $15k in parts by 2023, say, if I'm only as poor as I am now by then. If I get a better-paying fellowship for the last couple years of this PhD, it could be 2022 pretty easily.

I'll see if I want to keep my H55 or just get an H150/1, but I figure I'll get most of my money back out of my H55 if I sell it with my (hopefully still fine but tired) 2F and imminently rebuilt split case, so I shouldn't pin too much on holding onto it.

I am a little curious, though:
- If I was going to rebuild an engine mostly myself (plus a couple trips to the machinist to get things surfaced and getting blocks/heads magnafluxed etc.) to get the most possible motor for the money...what would you pick? Fewest fiddly bits? Cylinder liners vs. bare bores, IDI vs. DI, type of injection pump, etc.?


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Sep 9, 2004
Boise - Idaho
1HDFT. 100%.

I would say 1HDFTE but you would probably have to send you wiring harnesses off to Australia to get it dealt with right and be plug and play. That would add $2k or more to the swap.

Thing is an FT was a short run engine and the FTE was not so easier to find an FTE.

In my opinion you want the newest Toyota diesel you can get. The older ones parts are getting harder and harder to find, especially in OEM form. The newer ones parts are available for some time to come.

Not to mention a nice 60-series with an FT or FTE swapped in is worth some serious coin.

Aussies have been turboing 1HZs for years and it has proven to have a fairly high failure rate. Again, Toyota N/A diesels vs Toyota TDs are IDI vs DI. The IDI with precups just don’t like to be turboed. Controlling the heat and head failure is the issue.

Save up $8k, keep an eye on the diesel classifieds and one will turn up. I say $8k because you are going to have to ship it from overseas and that costs a few bucks. There is a seller ChapelGate in the UK who sends engines over here, he is a trust worthy guy 100%. We bought an very good 1HDFT from him for a build here in my shop.


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