Toyota Using Vintage Parts for NLA

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Nov 8, 2013
Frisco, Texas
We can move this thread elsewhere if Mods deem needed - but fantastic news for the longevity of our trucks. Instead of scrapping discontinued parts, Toyota will be handing them over to Vintage Parts. Unfortunately we cannot purchase them as private individuals. Your local Toyota dealer can sign up to Have exclusive access though.

This is Parts and Accessories News Bulletin made available to dealers today:

January 11, 2018
TO: Toyota Parts and Service Managers SUBJECT: Obsolete Service Parts Availability

Starting January 1, 2018, Toyota will begin using Vintage Parts to extend the availability of obsolete Toyota service parts. Vintage Parts specializes in stocking and distributing obsolete parts for automotive manufacturers. Our agreement with Vintage Parts means that service parts and accessories that would otherwise be scrapped will instead be warehoused in Vintage Parts’ Beaver Dam, WI facility for many years after discontinuation. These parts will only be available to authorized Toyota dealers. This greatly extends the availability of older parts that some of your Toyota owners may be looking for. Over time, the availability of parts for older Toyota vehicles will grow as additional obsolete parts are moved to Vintage Parts rather than being scrapped. For Toyota dealers, working with Vintage Parts is quick and efficient. If you order a part through Dealer Daily that is no longer available from Toyota, you may see a message on your Order Status Report directing you to Vintage Parts if the item is available through them. Once your Vintage Parts account is set up, all it takes is your call as an authorized Toyota dealer or a visit to to get that part shipped to your dealership. Your dealer price will be the same as the last price when the part was in stock at Toyota and expedited shipping is available. Payment options are by credit card or open account. Note that Vintage Parts will only sell Toyota parts to authorized Toyota dealers
Great idea. Unfortunately 15 years too late for us. Everything (for the most part) is long gone.

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