Toyota Truck power steering in 82 fj40

Jun 13, 2003
Easy swap. Cut off your old gear mount use JTs mount. New gear bolts right up. Leave it loose until the end. Install pittman joint. Good time to replace/reuild joints and ctr arm. If your 40 is an 82 you may have the dilled holes in the block for the stock pump set up. If not I really like the JT pump mount. Get a standard saginaw pump from NAPA. You will need to by a pulley from a bearing shop. A stock fj 60 pressure line will fit on both ends. Use a generic return hose. Good time to install a PS cooler. I know this is not very detailed but search the diferent message boards and you will find all you need. Best thing you can do for your cruiser.
Jun 25, 2003
Rixeyville, VA
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We have an 85 60 and i was looking at both engines and yes my 82 does have the stcok holes for a power steering resevior. its sounds like it shouldnt be to hard, i have a friend who i thik would give me a hand with it. why couldnt i just use the p/s resevoir from the old truck. who needs the siganaw? thanks again

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