Toyota Trails shipping change

Dec 23, 2002

If you are receiving bullk trails (5 issues or more for distribution to potential members), you will no longer receive a single issue mailed to your address. In other words, for folks like Paul Elbisser who receives like 30 issues as Rep, he no longer will continue to receive his single issue, which usually arrives quite a few days later.

This will save the association time and effort (and some money) with regards to mailing lists and shipping.

Folks who receive bulk copies but Pay for the cost of shipping those by providing an account number, will continue to receive their single copy, afterall, they are paying for those extras and not TLCA.

This change also supports Chapter Bulk Mailing which we will officially initiate in Jan/Feb of 04.


Tony Twiddy
TLCA - Offering More in 2004!

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