Toyota toughness article

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hahaha yeah this thing is funny, I like it when they put it on top of a building and destroys it.. lol
And it still running, those brits, weird folks they are..
I saw that, they beat the p!ss out of that thing
This is a repost many times over. But it is a classic and well worth watching again and again.
First time I`ve seen it.Definately good,that`s marketing.I just wish I had video of me rolling my `71 FJ40, 5 times down the hill sideways.No roll bar just the hard top.It was restarted and driven home 2 miles through the woods.Sorry this pic is a repost for sure.
New years dayi rolled my 88 runner 22re on a crappy road into a ditch.... sat on its roof for an hour! flipped it back over with my buddies truck and winch...... started it and drove it home. Ive been driving since

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