Toyota Today dealer publication

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Feb 9, 2004
Cool Comfy AZ
I snagged a copy of Toyota Today (it's an internal publication of Toyota intended for salespeople and others different from their sales training info)...

There is a FJ Cruiser on the cover and about 8-10 pages of stuff on the inside. Including a one-page short interview with the designers. Of course it was a couple of kids... :rolleyes: no offense but it speaks volumes as to the final design and why it looks that way...

I can post scans later.

They also have a comparison chart against the Xterra and the Liberty (I think it was a Liberty).

Just kind of interesting.
please do post scans.
As soon as I can...
still hanging out & waiting.

Are you letting work & family get in the way of posting??

Yes... I know where are my priorities, right? Plus the scans I tried were crappy when I downsized them.

Which free pic hosting service should I use?

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