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Discussion in '80-Series Tech' started by mustardfj40, Feb 3, 2004.

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    I ran into this website that has lots of Technical Articles which were published by Toyota, the language is very much same as my FSM, Here is sample of the articles:

    Technical Articles
    Toyota Series - Engine Performance OBD-II
    31 Sensors#1 - Mode Sensors and Switches.pdf file size 201KB
    32 Sensors#2 - Thermistors with questions.pdf file size 205KB
    33 Sensors#3 - Position Sensors with questions.pdf file size 282KB
    34 Sensors#4 - Air Flow Sensors with questions.pdf file size 302KB
    35 Sensors#5 - Pressure Sensors with questions.pdf file size 261KB
    36 Sensors#6 - Speed Sensors with questions.pdf file size 283KB
    37 Sensors#6 - Oxygen / Air Fuel Sensors w/ques.pdf file size 328KB
    38 Sensors#8 - Knock Sensors with questions.pdf file size 55KB
    39 Ignition#1 - Ignition Overview w/questions.pdf file size 239KB
    40 Ignition#2 - Electronic Spark Advance w/quest.pdf file size 223KB
    41 Ignition#3 - Distributor / Distributorless w/qu.pdf file size 664KB
    42 Fuel System#1 - Overview with questions.pdf file size 721KB
    43 Fuel System#2 - Injection Duration w/ques.pdf file size 173KB
    44 Fuel System#3 - Closed Loop /Fuel Trim w/qu.pdf file size 112KB
    46 OBDII#1 - Overview of On-Board Diagnostics.pdf file size 331KB
    47 OBDII#2 - Serial Data.pdf file size 289KB
    48 OBDII#3 - Data Interpretation.pdf file size 304KB
    55 Emission#1 - Chemistry of Combustion.pdf file size 301KB
    56 Emission#2 - Emission Analysis.pdf file size 292KB
    57 Emission#3 - Engine Sub Systems.pdf file size 180KB
    58 Emission#4 - Closed Loop Feedback Systems.pdf file size 233KB
    59 Emission#5 - Electronic Spark Advance.pdf file size 130KB
    60 Emission#6 - Idle Speed Control Systems.pdf file size 118KB
    61 Emission#7 - Exhause Gas Recirculation.pdf file size 227KB
    62 Emission#8 - Evaporative Emission Control.pdf file size 148KB
    63 Emission#9 - Positive Crankcase Ventilation.pdf file size 126KB
    64 Emission#10 - Catalytic Converter.pdf file size 316KB
    65 Emission#11 - Secondary Air.pdf file size 107KB

    The link is:

    Then "click" on "Technical Articles"

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    I think thats the same stuff Rodney has on his site, your link might be more updated.

    there is some good stuff in there, gereral to Toyota but not specific to Cruiser, but good stuff none the less.
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    Mar 27, 2003
    These tech articles have been discussed here before, though it could be as much as a year ago. I'm sure there are many newer members that haven't seen them.

    I too, find them an excellent source of info, even though they are not Cruiser specific as Pimp said. Thanks for reposting the link.

    R -
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