Toyota steering knuckle No1 cause of failure

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Jul 3, 2018
SF East bay
To your knowledge and what you have ran across the trails what are the causes of the steering knuckle to fail. From what I read it's because folks just don't keep up torqueing the steering arms to the knuckle causing the studs to sheer. Any other causes out there asides from the one I described?
Abuse. But typically lack of maintenance.
Arp studs, loctite, maintenance is the cure.
I'm debating if I even need 6 shooters. I have stock knuckles TG forged steering arms and Front Range ARP studs which I check torque more than the regular Joe. 120 ft lbs per stud full total of 480 ft lbs per steering arm. It only budged once on my first trip through the Rubicon but it's been snug ever since but I still check regardless . I can put the $ towards a hydro assist if folks have been successful with the same steering knuckle setup as I have.
I've seen where people used the wrong washers on top of the cone washers. On the TG high steer arms the cone washers are down below a bore where the flat washer and nut sit. The larger (incorrect) washer OD was too big to fit down in the bore and sat on top of the steering arm. The torque wrench clicked at the proper torque but only because the washer stopped at the top of the hole. Not because it tightened down on the cone washers. I saw this twice. The guys swore they were torqued and used Loctite. And they did. Just never really tightened down on the cone washers.

Hydro assist cylinders have to be matched to the travel of the steering box travel or it will keep pushing after the box travel is at max and the steering stops are hit.

I had to machine a spacer to limit the travel on my TG hydro assist. I put it inside the ram but you can also put one on the outside on the rod.

I have TG high steer and the hydro assist and haven't had any stud failures. I have the TG Super Metal studs. The ARP studs are stronger.

I have had one knuckle bearing fail. It was a Chinese made one. I found it during maintenance not a trail failure. No problems with KOYO bearings.

And like gnob said, the FROR Keyed Arms work better than regular high steer arms to prevent sheared studs.

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