toyota slave cylinder

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Dec 31, 2002
I'm finally getting closer to having the clutch done but does anyone no how much throw the slave cylinder should have I have about 1" and If I adjust It tight It will release so It seems to just not have enough throw and I've bled It out plenty but I can't find out how much they are supposed to have Thanks
Yes I just ordered I new slave and master from sor and they said in there tech dept that they had one that had more throw and I needed the new master while I was under the dash I noticed It seeping out a little bit So I could justify buying a new one,But does this sound right
70 FJ40 has the large bore slave (7/8" IIRC) while the only slave available now is the smaller/newer 3/4" bore. Same with the master cylinders...old style is not longer available. IIRC, the size changed in 74 with the 4-speed tranny.

The greatest throw is the old master and new slave, but there are some fitting issues since they changed sizes (of course) The next best should be what you ordered, with newer stuff.

Hopefully they sold you a kit for the conversion (lines and hose too) and not just the slave/master by themselves?
The other alternative is to get the rebuild kits for both your old master and slave.  Much cheaper, and that will probably solve your problem if your master was leaking, and perhaps your slave was, too.  You can cancel or return. Thats what I did.

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