Toyota Recall Database you can check yourself

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SAWEET!!!! Thanks for posting this!!!!! Looks like I'm due for both the seat belt and gas tank recalls!!

Guess it's time for my first road trip in the 'new' 60 .... down to Glenwood I go.... :)
Does anyone have the technical details/pics of fj60 gas tank recall?

Can I tell by looking at my tank if my gas tank recall has been done? Database says it has, but I would like to visibly verify.
I think mine is good. If it says there are no open safety recalls that means its up to date right?

My Dad has no memory of ever getting it done, but I'm sure if he was notified of it he took it in.

I don't know if you could visibly verify or not. Maybe look for paint pen marks etc.
Cool. No open issues with my FJ62.
Whoever coded that website needs to be hit with a cluebat though. I was unable to get the CAPTCHA to work in any browser in Linux (Firefox or Chrome). I had to boot Windows and use Internet Explorer to make it work. Don't know if the Windows versions of Chrome or Firefox will work.
Thanks for posting this!

Looks like my tank has been done. Bummer, it has been sitting for 10 years and I wanted to start fresh. :frown:
i think the previous owners just drove my 87 and never did anything to it -- i am sure they just said to themselves its a TOY--OTAAAAA and that was it by the looks of mine anyway --- but for once i am happy about this repair bill -- FREE
I just got a call from Big Horn Toyota in Glenwood Springs, CO. Bummer...the service has to be done at the dealership :( I guess that's what I get for living in a ski Toyota dealership.

but, the provided link and results for my VIN were correct! Thanks again!

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