Toyota Parts for Life Program

Apr 18, 2006
Conch Republic
I've got a Toyota Dealer invoice from 2006 for parts/labor to replace 47070-60010 Pump Assy, Brake on a 1999 Landcruiser. A $1k+ part. It says "Parts for Life Warranty" on the line item for labor to install the pump and also has a red stamp that says "These Parts Are On the Parts For Life Program" at the bottom where the customer signs.

Here I am 12 years and 281,000 miles later (385,xxx) and the pump has failed. I sent it up to the same Toyota dealer that has since undergone a name change. Has anyone heard of this type of warranty? The service advisor seemed confused but said he would research it for me. Has anyone ever heard of this? @cruiserdan @beno
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