Toyota Parts Diagram = Cease & Desist

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Jul 17, 2009
One by one all of of the places I usually go online to buy OEM Toyota parts from have been removing their Toyota parts diagrams from their sites. I called one of the parts places that I order from frequently today and my guy said that they had been served a "cease and desist" by toyota insisting they remove their diagrams indefinitely (name withheld to protect the innocent). They're fighting Toyota over it but at the end of the day who's really going to win...

I'm not against the local dealers...if I lived down the road from cruiser dan I'd be at the counter at his dealership a few times a month, but unfortunately I don't and rather than drive 30 minutes out of my way to talk to a parts "specialist" who doesn't know anything about cruisers I'd rather sit in the comfort of my own home and figure it out online (I'd actually consider making the trip but it seems that my local dealer wants to charge me almost twice the price for every part as almost every other dealer I've ever bought parts from, it's just not worth it).

Does anyone have links to the diagrams they could PM me? (yeah, I've looked all through the forums and I can't find anything). Thanks in advance.
this is old news, to me at least. There was a nice website that had the parts diagrams a couple of years ago that went the same way.

If you really want the diagrams you can get some (ie. purchase) either from ebay or from some mud members. years ago I purchased a CD with PDF's of the old toyota parts microfiche for FJ60s and older land cruisers (and some newer). I later upgraded to a copy of the EPC (electronic parts catalog) which covers all toyota models up to what ever year.

One of the parts guy's at my toyota dealer usually gives me a discount if I come in with my own part numbers.
Thanks so much this is a huge help. I was searching in the 60's section and I guess I should have been looking in the classifieds/merchandise. Again, thanks.

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