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Sep 8, 2016
Sacramento, Ca
Anyone else get these monthly surveys from Toyota?
The most recent one (today) was about the interior hand grips in the FJ for driver and passenger and how an owner uses them and how they should be offered or changed for future FJ's !!
I am not joking, that is Toyotas exact wording, "future FJ's "
Of course, my issue is with the roof mounted handle on the drivers side, I have been tossed into that a few times off-road!! In my group it seems to be a malady for anyone 6 feet and taller.
Hmmmm future FJ eh?!
Yes the driver's side interior handle has "knocked some sense" into me a few times, man that thing is solid.
Interesting on the Toronto angle. I looked back at the surveys they sent me and the return address is Farmington Hills, Mi. But, yeah, could wind up anywhere.
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