Toyota or Marlin seals?

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Apr 2, 2009
Austin, Texas
I have my FJ62 at a shop for a front end rebuild (Bearden auto in Austin), and they say they use parts from Toyota. I have read here that I should use the Marlin seals...any opinions?

Also, do FJ60 seals work on the FJ62?
No question - Marlin seals - You'll never need seals again.
I've had good luck with Marlin seals on three different rigs now.
I'm no mechanic, but when I rebuilt I ordered the Marlins in addition to the the kit because of their reputation on Mud. The Toyota seals came in the kit so I was able to compare and the Marlins are unquestionably far superior in material and construction. Get 'em.
put marlins in mine and it's great.
I can't imagine anyone advocating otherwise, even the true purists.

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TOFU please don't mind my ignorance. I see the difference in the two seals(color, shape) but what exactly is different otherwise? I can't tell anything by the picture.
The depth of the seal. The extent of contact, the...

Hey, the Marlins are "expensive" at $9 a pop but we're still talking chump change here. Get a set. You will see.

OK, lazy man, straight from the horse's mouth:

"These New Marlin Crawler designed Heavy Duty Front Inner Axle Seals are an amazing upgrade for your truck. If you are constantly replacing inner axle seals because of leaks, or you just want to build the most bad ass Toyota front end possible, then these are the seals you want!

These seals have been proven since the Winter of 2006 through the deserts of Panamint Valley, the rocks of the Hammers, the water crossings of Fordyce, the 10,000 ft high sierras of Dusy Ershim, the Sluice Box of Rubicon, the slick rocks of Moab, the mud of Tellico and the Great Smokey Mountains, trails in Arizona and Texas, the dunes of Pismo and Grover Beaches, and the dry lands of Tierra Del Sol and Truck Haven.

These seals have been proven to stop leaks in any climate in over 20 countries, including USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Germany, Japan, Russia, Chile, Iceland, England, China, Norway, New Zealand, Guam, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Philippians, Holland, Italy, Spain, and Denmark. Marlin Crawler isn't just keeping America clean, it's keeping the world free from oil leaks! The only continent where our EcoSeal has not been to is Antarctica, but hey, the year is still young!

Advantages of our HD Inner Axle Seals include:

* new icon flasherBidirectional helix oil retainer
* new icon flasherOuter Nitrile seal ring
* Indexed lip ensures a perfect perpendicular installation
* Wide design allows movement, maximum shock absorption
* Steel Expansion Ring ensures true circular inner diameter
* Seal holds to axle even under heavy vibrations
* 164% Increase in effective sealing deflection distance
* 89% Wider than the "common aftermarket seal"

Our New Heavy Duty Inner Axle Seals are designed by Marlin himself and are an exclusive Marlin Crawler product. Current applications include all 1979-1985 Toyota Hilux 8" Front Axles, and all 1969-1/1990 Landcruiser front axles including FJ40, FJ45, FJ55, FJ60, and FJ62. Order a pair of these along with a pair of our Special Fit Rear Axle Seals to ensure a leak free rig! Remember, always Grease the ID of any new seal before installation!"

That anyone still sells the OEM seal is what is amazing, actually.

It's like moving from Jeeps to Cruisers...

I see there is a photo of the OEM seal, but what about the toyota seals? Are the toyota seals actually OEM seals? The shop is telling me that they won't warrant the repair if I provide the seals. Seems to me if this shop knows anything about the front end repairs, they would know the Marlin seals are superior and would provide a warranty for the work.
is there a difference between the OEM and the toyota seals, or are they the same thing?

OEM is what any repair shop will want to see if they're doing the work and are being expected to guarantee it. Who makes the OEM parts is irrelevant (though the answer is Koyo, not Toyota, for these seals, I'm 95% sure...maybe Timken). Very little is actually made by Toyota, actually. OEM parts are provided to the automobile manufacturer as meeting certain performance specifications, per their contracts. But, OEM is not necessarily the best quality. Usually, yes, but not always. I'd almost never use an aftermarket direct replacement part when OEM is not unobtanium or ass rape. But there are exceptions, such as when an aftermarket company has done the R&D and has actually improved upon the OEM design. Marlin products fit that exception, especially these inner axle seals. Longfield axles are another fine example...

If the shop gives you any grief on this, either provide them with documentation to assure them that you're not trying to cut corners with a cheaper aftermarket part, and that these seals are vastly superior to OEM, or offer to sign a release (which they may not have pre-prepared) on any claims related to inner axle seal failure.

But, they probably will not care on either count. Making exceptions to policies is not usually worth the time and hassle for most shops. Some shops don;t care and are less formal. Is this mechanic shop a Toyota dealership? I sure hope not. One ulterior motive that may be at play here is that a good chunk of the income a shop makes is in selling you parts at retail that they get for wholesale. They lose out on that income on every part you provide. But, since an OEM seal is a few bucks and the Marlin seal is $9, I hope they don't care about that. It's not like you are furnishing an expensive part.

I'll give you a classic example: I had a highly reputable glass shop install my windshield after I did my own paint job. They furnished the replacement glass, I furnished the weatherstrip. They asked me if it was OEM, because glass shops know that aftermarket seals are highly variable in quality, and most of the time, inferior to OEM. Well, I purchased my weatherstrip from SOR and got the version without the chrome lock strip. It is aftermarket. I disclosed that, but also told them that Toyota also sells it, but it is hard to get (not sure about that, actually), and that if SOR sells an aftermarket part, it is as good as or better than OEM. OK, that was a bit of a stretch, but based on everything I have read about this particular part, it is true. So, the glass shop owner looked me dead in the eye and said, "I'm gonna use it, and if it leaks, I sure hope I don't see you back here expecting us to fix it on our dime." Since I knew him already, he was willing to take a small risk and take my word. Most shops would not.
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Haha, my glass shop is the same way. Just a small place a few blocks away, but the owner has a 60. It is the one area of truck stuff I don't have to fight with a shop about quality.
The shop is Bearden Auto, not a toyota dealer, has a decent reputation on these boards.

I think I am going to go with the OEM rebuild kit, and I will add the Marlin seals...unfortunately I just talked to Marlin and they are OUT OF STOCK! Anyone know where I can get a pair?
The shop is Bearden Auto, not a toyota dealer, has a decent reputation on these boards.

I think I am going to go with the OEM rebuild kit, and I will add the Marlin seals...unfortunately I just talked to Marlin and they are OUT OF STOCK! Anyone know where I can get a pair?

Yeah, Kurt is your man. OEM kit + Marlin seals. That's what I did, and from Kurt. Now, don't fxxx up like I did and use the wrong goop.
For grease I just use the stuff I squish outta my jelly donuts.

:D :hillbilly:
I think Toyota seals are of better quality. I ordered some Marlin seals, and these come with a wire around the seal, the pressure on the axle shaft is not uniform.
Toyota seals use a little spring to press the shaft.
SO now I'm a little confused...the shop says they order parts from Toyota, but I am assumming they are OEM parts similar to the ones in the picture above...are you talking about the ones above? I guess I will compare both, and have them install the most "sturdy"

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