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Jun 29, 2008
hey guys, i need your input... i need to buy a new muffler, it's the one under the rear right passenger side. should i get TOYOTA OR AFTERMARKET ONE? THANKS....
Just go to a good muffler shop and they can hook you up for much, much cheaper than a factory unit.
i'm just want it to be the stock performance ... i had a toyota sienna and used an aftermarket muffler and it wasn't the same...
I just replaced my main muffler, the one just rear of the cats. I did a write up last week. I bought a Walker Quiet Flow 3. Got it at Autozone, the matched the price from Summit Racing, $110. It is pretty close to oem. Check out the thread. Saved about $400 plus or minus. In hindsight, I would do it again in an instant. Check out the prices on Summit, you will be pretty happy. Autozone matched the price and I didn't have to pay for shipping, although I did have to pay the tax, about a wash. Good luck. Phil

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