Toyota OEM Fender

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Sep 20, 2012
I am going to order a RH Front Fender from Toyota PN 53810-90341. The part number is for 79-83FJ40. I will be putting this on a 1975 and just want to make sure it will work. Are they all the same?
The fender will fit your 1975 just fine.
i have that fender on a 1975. i guess the differences are in the hole count and locations for the crap that mounted on it under the hood.
but as for getting it on the cruiser, they are the same fender.
Great thanks, just wanted to check due to no refunds for special orders from the dealer.
new fender

this guy has an oem fender, i think it still has the sticker on it.
He's a little unrealistic on the price, but if you let him know what toyota gets for them maybe he'll give you a deal. I drive by the guys house once a week if I can help coordinate.

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