Toyota mechanic in Oxnard CA.

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Oct 25, 2007
Surprise AZ.
Does anyone know of a trustworthy and fair mechanic in the Oxnard? My mother has an older Avalon that needs work from time to time. She just spent $1,400 for some routine service that was outrageous.
What kinda work? I have quite a bit of experience with Avalons. Have a had a 97 and 99.
ADR in Ventura. Eduardo is one of the most stand up guys I know. He's done timing belts on my tundra and sequoia not to mention many many other jobs for me, my friends and family members. He's a small one man shop that's treats people fairly. Tell hem Paul the fireman sent you, not that it would matter he'll still take good care of you guys.
TDC in Santa Clarita! brandon...

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