Toyota Land Cruiser turns 60...TLCA website

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Nov 10, 2010
Grand Rapids, MI
Hey guys I was on the TLCA website this morning and not sure if many of your know that the Toyota Land Cruiser turns 60 this year.

Anyway short, interesting read. Enjoy!!! :cheers:

Toyota's unstoppable Land Cruiser turns 60 — Autoblog
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I love how it says...

"Turning 60 is a big deal and Toyota has created two 60th anniversary models of the 2011 Land Cruiser,"

It's a big deal to sell cruisers...too bad earlyer cruiser are not so big a deal to Toyota :meh:

a few threads here:
JohnnyC we (MUD and like minded Land Cruiser enthusiasts) are the people who keep these old Cruisers alive.

Toyota came out with the FJ Cruiser restro truck to bring back the 'new' style cruiser to compliment today's standards of the old FJ's. When your driving your 40 down the road (as with me) anyone is a 40 about breaks their neck looking at the Vintage FJ's.

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