TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 100 series ( G ) standard grade

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Mar 24, 2008
Hello ,

Contrary to the belief of many , the 105 series is actually not at all common in the gulf countries , and most land cruiser g standard models are actually , ISF over here.

The standard 100 series has proved to be more durable and it has a higher resale value than the standard 200 series , it is also favored over the 200 series by a long shot, specially compared to stick shift 4.0 v6 standard 200 series which suffer from lack of low end torque compared to the 4.5 straight 6, and suffers from a bad gear box, which isn't as durable as the on the 100 , as proved by the beating these cars get over here .

The 4.5 straight 6 was able to reach 1800hp + with modifications ,without changing the gear box, while the 4.0 can barely each 400 hp without suffering from problems

I really hope toyota changes the engine on the standard 200 , because 4.0 240 hp is not enough on such a heavy , big vehicle , specially considering the way the way the vehicle is built to be used.

A few photos of the Qatar Spec G standard .

The 4.5 straight 6 was able to reach 1800hp + with modifications ,without changing the gear box,..

Amazing! Please post more info re how owners from the Gulf area like to modifiy their 100 series.

It looks like the front suspension is lowered and some kind of truck/highway tires are fitted.

More details, specs and pictures please :)
I'm sorry im not an expert in modifications , but they like to , modify the head , racing cams , modify the pistons , modify the manifolds , headers , air filter , stroke the engines , as well as modifying the ecu and much more.

Those are sand tires.

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