Toyota junkyard trip

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Dec 2, 2003
So what do I pick up??? So far I'm thinking:

Late model Camery horns! Supposed to be nice and loud and clip right in.

Supra window motors. I remember someone saying they were supra fast....

It's a bit of a drive so what other little gems should I pick at when I'm there?
Maybe some seats? I've been researching those myself, trying to find some that would work that are close to bolt in, not much info on here for those details...
Best seats that bolt in in 5 min or less are the procar seats that Iron Pig and others venders carry
ramjet 502, NV5600, atlas 2 oh you said Toyota...hmmm how about a 5 speed shift knob. :p

If you have a 62 look for the transfer case solenoids.

Used dash gauges for when one of yours fries.
Small items I have replaced that were used.

heater fan
tail gate struts
window regulator
tail, turn, and side marker lenses
dash parts
dist parts

I am sure theres more

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