Toyota diesel injector cleaner

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Mar 11, 2009
North Shore, British Columbia, Canada.
Having troubles finding Toyota diesel injector cleaner in Canada anyone have a lead on this stuff? Should I just order from a dealer south of the border?


Use Liqui Moly Diesel Purge (hookup supply and return to the bottle to run it through the engine) or just seafoam in the fuel filter when you change it.
I've used the LiquiMoly Diesel Purge on several engines, like @Douglas S I ran it through the engine straight, it is surprising how dirty the stuff in the return line can be on an older engine.
Check out Stanadyne.
I buy it by the case from a local diesel rebuild shop. Also scored highest in testing.
Just like the others ^^, I used Stanadyne when filling up, I fill my fuel filter with Seafoam (I replace it every year regardless of the distance traveled) and I have also used Liquid Moly by creating a loop system. If I ran out of Stanadyne, I use Diesel Kleen-Flo when refilling.

There is no «bad» product if used properly.

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