toyota crown 2bbl carb in FJ ?

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Jun 1, 2012
Hello guys,

I'm getting a NOS Toyota crown 2bbl Aisan carb, side hung float, small window glass with vacuum secondaries, as I'm in search for a single barrel with mechanical throttle & manual choke assembly.

i was not allowed to take a pic of the NOS carb, until i committed to buy it.

So please suggest me, is it a good carb for an FJ, somewhere in the net i read that these carb is installed in a Mercedes benz, also in this forum too, someone has mentioned that this is the first carb to pass the emission in US and it was installed in the US import FJ's, but I'm not clear.

Should i go for it? or is it a crap for rock crawling, off-road and altitude as i intend to use FJ for that.

It would depend on the year/engine, but in the US they imported them mostly with 2.0 and 2.3 L I6 engines, so the carbs on these engines would be too puny to run well on the F/2F engines.

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