Toyota 3b denso ve rotary pump solonoid repair

Dec 7, 2019
North Carolina, USA
Replaced my fuel solenoid for the second time today. Learned a bit and a couple tricks. This is mostly to get you home if you're traveling somewhere.

1. First trick is a thin sheet metal 24 mm wrench that has been clearanced and modified with the angle grinder. With this wrench you do not have to remove injector lines or much of anything to get to and remove the solenoid. This is going in my field repair box.

2. 5.9 Cummins 6bt rotary pump fuel solenoid will fit the denso pump. You may however have to reuse the original plunger and o-ring. These are available for 12 and 24 volt application. They can be found on Amazon prime sometimes as little as a $11. Some of the cheap solenoids sold as 24 volt are probably no different from the 12 volt solenoid and may get too hot and burn out in time. In the picture you can see the cracked rubber where it pushed out.

3. If you do not have a spare solenoid and you need to get home you can simply remove the solenoid and remove the plunger and spring then replace the solenoid. To shut down the engine simply dump the clutch in 5th gear at idle to stall it out. With automatic you can turn the idle screw all the way out so it won't run at idle keep some foot in the pedal to keep it running and driving till you get home. ...... And yes God forbid if you have a runaway engine without a fuel solenoid you will probably blow it.

4. If your fuel solenoid develops a leak in the rubber perhaps from getting too hot like mine and you need to keep it going to get home and get a new one you can remove the solenoid, remove the plunger clean it well and seal the center cavity with epoxy putty.

5. Chances are if you go to a dealer or parts ouq you can order the OEM solenoid and only have to replace it once but it'll cost significantly more in time and money.



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