Toy v Chevy pickups

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Mar 27, 2003
Houston, TX
So my dad is looking for a new truck for my brother. We are looking at Chevy and Toyota fullsize. The Tundra Sr5 with the new big A$$ cab and the trd-offroad package has a msrp of 30g. Chevy makes you step up to the HD models to get the two full doors so they are more expensive. We have decided that if my bro is going to get a truck it will be this model Tundra. Do yall have any input on the Chevy or Toy truck that we are overlooking. All other brands we don't think are worth considering. The Tundra looks like a relative bargin compared to the Chevy, and I expect it to outlast it. I expect the dealer to sell below the msrp. Plus the full size Tundra is looking purty sweet.


Yea I told him to get a Very nice 80 or even a 98/99 100..but he doesn't share the obsession.
Definently go with the Tundra, it has all the usual Toyota traits, high resale, dependability, etc, etc, and as you said they look pretty cool, especially with a small lift and 33's. Nissan's new full size is coming out very soon, it may be worth looking into, it looks and sounds pretty cool on paper, I beleive it has more power (hp & torque) and can tow a little more than the Tundra.
Although I grew up a chevy fan, you gotta go with the tundra. The chevy can't compete in longevity or dependability.
I looked hard between the Tundra and the GMC/Chev's when I purchased used earlier this year....ended up with a 2000 GMC 2500HD 6.0 4L80E 4WD. Used pricing was much better on the GMC, towing capacity was higher, roomier cab, not quite as good of mileage. I came in under $20k for mine with 50k miles on it, and couldn't touch a comparable Tundra for anything under $25k. Also, I'm not a huge fan of the Tundra body syling, too car-ish, but I think a set of fender flares would have tuffened it a bit.

My GMC rides well, handles well, but has more squeaks and rattles than the 95 Toyota pickup it replaced. However, towing is over 10k, and it does it well.

Overall pleased with it, figger another 14-16 months tho and it'll be shopping time again....not sure what I'll do then...
Get the Tundra, SAS the beotch, bob the bed, move the spring hangers forward, get some dual cases, and beat the s*** out of it :flipoff2:



Thanks guys, towing isn't an issue as we have nothing to tow. My dad's idea is get him a new truck for college than never have to get him a truck again. Looks like Tundra w/ its new prices being competitive, if not lower for full size and its reliability is a winner.

Tundra...duh! :D Your gonna pay more with Toyota. You get what you pay for. That's why they call the Toyota Truck the "Cowboy's Cadillac". When I ask the guys at work why they purchased an explorer over a 4Runner they say because the Toyota's are to expensive.
That's a hard question. I'd buy the Toyota anyday for quality & design ect... BUT the Tundra is kinda ugly. Maybe for 2004 model year thay might fit that. They are also supposed to have a crew cab coming out in 2004 (but I haven't seen one yet).

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