Towing with your 40 ?

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Dec 3, 2005
Coquitlam B.C.
How much weight would you feel comfortable towing down the highway in a 1978 FJ40 stock 2F with a 3" spring lift and 33" MT's . I am thinking 2500lbs or so would be max . I am looking at towing a tent trailer or smallish travel trailer and want to know what other guy's tow. I have seen a few local guy's tugging a M101 ex military trailer around.
Its not how much you can pull, but rather how much you can stop... especially in a short wheel base, top heavy vehicle like a 40. I've had probably close to 2000 lbs behind mine, and I could definitely feel it when I tried to slow down. I wouldn't go a lot more than that without trailer brakes of some sort.

2000-2500 lbs in all conditions including icy roads. Extra beefy 4 wheel disc brakes helped a lot... :D
I pull my jetskis behind mine, but that's only 1000lbs or so. I think 2500lbs would be the max I'd feel comfortable towing.

The most I towed was a late 70's Ford F150 with a camper bed and he had a two jet ski trailer in tow himself ... Did really well considering on was in the adirondack mountains of northern NYS... Had 300,000+ miles on it at the time

I don't recommend doing it a lot ... But the cruisers power should never be underestimated :)

I kinda recall a thread about underestimated cruiser power:hmm:
Years ago I had the starter go out on my 76 FJ40 and I was stranded about 30 miles from home. I had this great idea to tow it home with my friends 77 FJ40 since I had a towbar and finding a starter locally was not an option. Both cruisers were on 33's, hardtops/hard doors on with trail gear inside and neither had power steering. I went for it and was surprised that it towed so well. I got some crazy looks from other motorists as it looked like some weird land cruiser mating ritual was going on. Stopping was a little scary as it took twice as much space but I made it home fine this way. I don't recomend this but if you are in a pinch and are carefull, it can be done. I doubt a tent trailer weighs half as much as an FJ40. You should be fine as long as you give yourself room to stop. If not, there are always electric trailer brakes. Good luck! :cool:

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