towing w/fj???????

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Sep 6, 2008
hello fellas well ive got a quetions for all of you who care to answer it how much can i tow with my fj it is a stock 08 with 14,000 miles stock everything im planning on towing a 88 toyota on 33's. if it can tow it wouldyou guys pull it on a trailer or tow bar????? im in sandiego and am planning on pulling it to the rubithon well let me know what you guys think thanks. heres a oicture of my 88 toy.
EDIT: I just realized I was in the FJ Cruiser forum:eek: So much of what I said may not apply. But, my point is I towed more than what my cruiser was rated for (in the US, it's rated for more in Australia). Piece of cake on a trailer. I towed my FJ40 from Victoria, BC to the Rubicon (900miles each way) with my LX450. It was super slow over the hills in Oregon and Northern Cali but not too bad. With an 08 with the V8, it's gotta tow more than 7500lbs and you probably don't weigh as much as my 40 (around 5000lbs).
Just make sure you're tranny fluid and cooling system is in good shape. I changed my fluids as soon as I got back. The mech said the fluid smelled like it got warm but didn't burn.
Oh also, you'll want to get an electric brake control... I hooked mine up the night before we took off. It's pretty easy and is essential for control.


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