Towing Capacity For GMC C35?

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Sep 21, 2006
Sangre de Christo Mtns of North Central NM.
I have been using a modified 1979 GMC c35 for heavy towing and wondered what the legal tow limit is. The DGVMR on the title says 6,000 pounds which is a bit of a joke since I weighed the truck with a load on the flatbed (600 gallons of H2O) at 13,100 pounds.

The truck started life as a "Camper Special" but now has a heavy diamond plate flatbed, Bud wheel duals, a 4.88 Dana 70HD (new), aftermarket overload springs, a 383 V-8 with a 650 CFM Edlebrock 4 bbl, and the standard Muncie 4 speed tranny.

I pull 10,000 pound loads with relative ease. However, the Colorado State Patrol has begun ticketing overloaded small trucks in Alamosa and Conejo counties. I am probably technically overloaded.

Anybody have a source for what the legal tow limit is?
Thanks, VF. I was a little unclear in my posting. I meant what is the combined gross vehicle weight (truck, trailer and load). There is no plate that I can find on the truck and I don;t think automakers were putting that kind of info out back in 1879, eh, 1979. All I can find is the GVW of 6,000 on the title.

Thanks for the on-line link to the statutes of Colorado. This will come in mighty handy for some other issues particularly the livestock code.
I think your fine, although my truck is an 06 GMC sierra my cgvw rating is 23500 lbs I'm sure if you keep it below 18000 it is ok

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