Towing a cruiser

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Oct 28, 2003
Hi guys! I just bought a cruiser because I needed a few parts and plan on parting out the rest. I'm wondering now the best way to tow it home. It is located a half hour away (on freeway) and has had the engine, transmission and transfer case removed. I asked the seller if it would "roll" and he said it could be towed if driveshafts were removed. Is that really necessary? I'm also wondering what to tow it with so it doesn't slam into my truck when i stop. btw, I'm gonna be pulling it with a toy truck 4x4 (4 cyl). Thanks!
IMO, either a tow dolly or car trailer is by FAR your safest bet. And, unfortunately, no rental agency will allow you to do it with your 4cyl pickup, it's too light.

The driveshafts should have been removed as part of the t-case removal, but never know...yes, you have to drop those.

I'll betcha someone close to where you are with a car trailer could be bribed with a case of beer to help ya out :beer:
I would go ahead and unbolt the driveshafts and throw them in the truck, if nothing else for road hazard safety. That thing's leaning pretty good, is all the suspension in place or the tires just flat? Could set up a tow bar, I think a trailer with truck on it would be tough for a mini even with the drivetrain removed.
Yes, the driveshafts (at least the rear) MUST be removed if you flat tow the rig since the rest of the drivetrain is out of it. Not if you put it on a trailer. From the looks of the photo hooking up a tow bar would be more trouble than it's worth and the fact is that even though a dolly will do the job they're not your safest choice. Putting it on a flatbed trailer is best choice. Figuring about 2500 lbs for the cruiser and 1000 lbs for a trailer (estimations) thats about 3500-3700 lbs. Borrow a larger truck from a friend, rent the trailer, and go fetch your new toy.
I am in Columbus, I saw that crusier on ebay and chatted with the owner..

Any way, I just (two weeks ago) picked up a 75 Parts rig in Kent. 1.5 hours north of me.

I Towed it home with my 4cyl Tacoma 4x4 Manual trans. yes it can be done!!!! Woody is right As usual. Uhaul wont let you rent a car hauler if you tell them what you are doing though.

I told them I was towing a Civic and it was no problem. :slap: I rented a car hauler from Uhaul. about 50 bucks for the day. I rolled the parts truck up the ramps with another guy, strapped it down and went on my way. Some of the hills I was in 3rd gear to get up them, but that was also at a respectable 50 mph. it was a full roller if you could say that, body was rusted off but everything else was intact, engine trans axles, everything.

Other things to consider, here, The parts rig Dianna has was tagged in the rear, frame bent and so on, thats why it looks funny. so Flat towing would not be an option. also the rig is a lot lighter without the engine, trans etc.

I also towed another parts rig home with my wifes V6 4runner, it had a harder time than the truck I think.

Good luck, and since Im local give me first dibs on the parts :D
Dianna, what condition is the windsheild frame, are you willing to selling it? If so I'm VERY interested, please let me know. :cheers:
I don't need the windshield frame so i'll let you know how it looks when i manage to get her home. Here's a picture:
Rats! Beat me to the windshield. Well, I might pick up where Gus leaves off if he changes his mind about that. The paint even matches my cruiser though (discolored red, with dirt/rust/scratch overtones)...
Hey Dianna, thanks for the response :cheers:, I've searching for a windsheild frame for quite a while now :D
You can probably rent a towbar that clamps on, and a set of towing lights to get it home flat towinw. I would disconnect the rear drive shaft if you do this.

Mike S

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