Towing a 64 fj

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Jul 26, 2007
Temecula, CA
I am towing my 64 fj about 1500 miles. I wanted to know if it is ok to use a tow dolly where just the front wheels are off the ground or should I use a full trailer? Will it harm the axles or drive shaft?

Thanks guys.
Tow dolly is fine.

Remove the rear drive shaft and do not worry about it.

What are you towing it with?
I rented a 16ft. moving truck to move some other things. Is it hard to remove the drive shaft? I do al the mechanical work but have never messed with the drive shaft.
Disconnect the 4 bolts on the rear axle pinion with a 14mm wrench and socket. Push driveshaft forward towards the t-case to move it away from the pinion. Once clear, lower it below the pinion and slide it off in the direction of the rear pinion.

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