Tow Truck/bed lift something from Toyota

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Oct 26, 2017
Alpharetta GA
Looking at this ad on Copart for a tow truck 40 series and wondering if this was something provided after market or did toyota fit these things for people at port etc?

Aftermarket. Some discussion here:
Thanks for the response. The other thread was interesting. IF that would have been a Toyota part it would have been a lot more interesting to me more from a historical point of view. Oh well. looks like a pricy parts vehicle for someone.
Bill of Sale salvage. Eat. Retail Value $71,500. I want what their smoking.

Looks like it may have been on the driver's side at some point. Certainly worth saving but their est. retail value is a joke with a salvage title and amount of work needing to be done. In NY would check the frame out closely for rust. Also see if that hoist was actually being used.

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