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Jul 4, 2006
Can you beleive in all the parts i needed and ordered directly to toyota to put the HDJ100 back together, This is the first time Toyota as refused to sell me a item, yes you got this right Touch up paint!
Not the dealer but Toyota Canada. It all started with Toyota Canada calling the dealer and asking for serial of the truck, somehow to be sure they would send correct paint. After that it all went silent. The dealer email 2-3 times toyota without answers, all went silent and the touch up just keep being BO.

When they ask for serial, i was expecting this...the part guy even told me that toyota mentionned to the dealer that this truck wasn't suppose to be in Canada, right it comes from the US, who cares...

Over with the rent, i'll order from 100TD links..
Sep 25, 2004
Gleneagle, CO
Oh No! You have an color code unapproved for use north of the 49th Parallel. Toyota corporate can't have that.

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