Totally inane Door Lock Question

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Aug 30, 2006
Santa fe, New Mexico

So, this weekend I get everything I need to clean and try to recondition the power door lock and window controls on my FJ62. Then something happend that has my wife raising her eyebrows at me.

I can't get to them.

Do I have to take the whole door panel off, or do the window and lock controls just pop off?

My manual doesn't actually explain how to do this.

I've searched and searched on here and have seen wonderful instructions on wiring them, reconditioning them, etc., but not on actually how to get to them.

Thank you, as always, for any help you can give.
Unscrew the handle, and the door opener lever thing and pop te door panel off. Then take a look inside. The panel is a breeze to put back on
Thank you! Well, it seems that my lovely bride is correct again. Hmm. She has much more affinity for these things than I do:)
Be careful popping the keepers around the edge loose. You want to use a plastic tool, not a screw driver. Make sure you are close to each little keeper. They are all around the back, bottom and front edges. Then you lift vertically to take the panel off. You will see how to bend the tabs that hold the switches in place.

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And always listen to your lovely bride, even if you know she is wrong. You can always try it your way after she leaves the garage.

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