For Sale Totalled Pearl White 2001 LX 470

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Unfortunately, I totalled my 2001 LX-470 this past week. It is in good condition other than the front left control arm, skidplate, front bumper/lights, and frame (that's what totalled the car). The accident was with a frame height concrete drain going 15 mph...bent it just enough to total it. Like I said, the rest of the vehicle is in good condition.

If anyone is interested in it as a parts vehicle, it is located in Oxford, MS. Looking to get $3000 OBO for it. If this is too high, let me know...I'm just kind of throwing a number out there. Will upload pictures this evening
Man, as much as I would love to, IN is just too far away. I JUST graduated and JUST started a great job in Memphis and I can't afford to take the time, I have to start moving.

The accident literally could not have happened at a worse time.
Was it totaled by the insurance company and you did a buy-back? Is the title clean or branded as salvage? Damn shame its white - if a darker color I'd be all over it. Nothing a little paint wouldn't fix I guess. is my email addy if you can send any additional pics or larger versions of these. I'm near Mobile on the coast so trailering it back home wouldn't be a problem.

If it doesn't have a salvage title, then I can get it registered here and we can work out a deal and time for me to come check it out and hopefully pick it up. If it has a salvage title, then I have to pay a dealer to apply for an inspection and get a rebuilt title issued after its fixed. That requires a frame machine and additional costs plus finding a dealer who will do it.

I'm sending you a PM with my cell. Lets talk tomorrow.
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Also, is it a 99 or a 01? Your original post about it in 2010 listed it as a 99...
Do you have any pics of the body lines, hood, fender, sunroof, roof? Does the doors open and close normally?
Do you have any pics of the body lines, hood, fender, sunroof, roof? Does the doors open and close normally?

It has some frame damage and the DS fender is out of line with the DS door.

BTW, just put a deposit on it and I pick it up Monday. :). Let the "fun" begin!
Awesome, do you plan to post the repairs and build or are you going to part it out? If one of these came up around my area I would be very interested.
Definitely rebuild it for a family expedition vehicle. Bumper, winch, 33's, and maybe electric radiator fan, exhaust, etc. I'll post up a build thread in the Hundy section once I get it started.

That is if my guy can get the frame straight. If not, I'll have to try to cut out the part that's buckled and weld scab plates over it after getting it back to the correct shape. Going to be tricky but should work in the end with either money or sweat equity. Going to need some body work too. I'll know more later this week. If its not going to work out, I'll part it out and look for another one to build.
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Thanks! Good transaction!

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