Total Chaos Upper Control Arms (NIB)

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Feb 6, 2007
Part number 96504
2003+ 4Runner
2005+ Tacoma
2007+ FJC

First $600.00 takes them
1" uniball design

Watcha you replacing them with?
They are, New in Box.
I already have a set. These were my winnings at the FJC Summit . After a very healthy contribution, of course.
How ya doing Jim by the way? I stopped in Crested Butte while I was in Co. I couldn't find Terry's number, or I would have harassed him:D
OK Don, I'm in, I'll take them. Let me when and where we can catch up and make the exchange. I'll IM you too. Thanks,Norm
^^ Hey its Norm! :cheers:

Nice pick up on the arms - the alignment will come back in to spec and drive very nice/stable.

You get your
tickets for this year yet?
Norm is the proud owner of the UCA's
thanks buddy

No, I didn't win everything. Just a few choice items .
My donation was substantial, as I feel the charities that are the beneficiaries, are the main reason there is a raffle, at all .
If my contribution causes others to donate more than they would have, it is a bonus.
Some of the organizations that benefited are...

Ouray Mountain Rescue
Save the Trail
Ouray Fire Department
Ouray Police
I believe 2 scholarships, for local students

I am probably fortunate in some of the raffles, because I give, with no thought, of whether I get my money's worth, back in prizes.
The first and only prize that actually matters is giving, itself.

looks like just plain simple good karma ;)

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