torsion bar bolt

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Mar 31, 2019
Charleston, SC
Looking at a used LC and got some underbody pics, it being a NC beach car it looks good but noticed what looks like the bolt that you crank for the torsion bars. It looks like its almost fused/corodded to another part. Am i crazy or what do yall think?
Doesn't look bad at all honestly. Try brushing some of it off. Just looks like some salt in on it. Also looks like it's never been moved. Just hit it with some pb blaster prior to moving it
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Leverage & PB blaster on the threads- 24” x 1/2” breaker bar- slow and easy.
I agree - doesn't look bad at all under there. And I'm usually the first to chime in on the "is this too much rust?" threads with "RUN!!!" I bet if you hit it with some PB Blaster and came back a day later, with a 30mm socket and a breaker bar, 10 min. later, you'd need new rear springs!
haha, thanks man. Hes letting it go for a good price so im snatching it up this week. Throwing 285s maybe hit those bars a few turns and done with it

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