Torque spec for water pump?

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Sep 26, 2005
Inland Empire
Any body know? The FSM doesn't say exactly, only the general specs for bolt types and sizes, but also notes that those specs do not apply to bolts that are exposed to high temps. My pump blew out today and I am in the process of installing a new one. BTW, I got it at Napa and specifically asked them if it was a Toyota part, twice. Both times they said "yes". Well, it is an aftermarket pump, but I am in a jam on a Sunday so I did not take it back. The original went 250+K, guess I'll rebuild it for when the AM craps out. Thanks for any info.
My Haynes manual says 27 ft lbs, so that's what I went with and it's not leaking!
I also used a Napa (new) pump.
Checked my 2F engine manual. No torque values for the water pump. Haynes is 27 (as posted above) which is what I used 18 mo ago - no leaks so far....
Thanks for the info 27 it is.
I'm doing the same repairs along with the thermostat housing, it cracked in two! Are there torque specs for the therm housing as well, I don't want it to crack again. Thanks, and sorry for the hijack. :)
Dug out the manual this AM and it says: 156 in lbs for thermostat housing.
89GASHOG said:
Dug out the manual this AM and it says: 156 in lbs for thermostat housing.

Which manual is that? I have the 2f brown cover one from toyota and I couldn't find it on there anywhere?

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