Torque spec for Nitrocharger sport shock 60018

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Jun 14, 2010
Sacramento, CA
Can't seem to find the info anywhere. Just upgraded my springs to the 850s and want to make sure the shocks are tightened to spec. I know the OEM shocks state 51 ft/lbs in the FSM but would like to know what the spec is for the ARBs.

Thanks in advance.
Hi, If you don't find your answer, try calling ARB's tech dept. They will steer you in right direction. 425-264-1391 or email at

I never could find the specs. With shocks I tighten the nuts until the rubber compresses about 1/16" (or until they start to bulge) and call it good. Never had a problem doing it this way for years.
Thanks - will follow the "bulge" approach and call it good

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