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Dec 7, 2005
Langley, BC.
My HJ61 (automatic) shudders when it switches into O/D and at any speed below 80 kph in O/D. My research indicates that the problem is likely that the torque converter clutches have worn out.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Does anyone know the price/availability of a new torque converter unit?


it can be the lock up torque converter. this is the main reason i suggest to all my customers to drive in 3rd when driving below 80 k/h. you probably felt the torque converter engaging and dis engaging when about 60 k/h...
Do a search of the 3FE list. Your A440 is the same one used, so lots of information and ideas. Rodney from Wholesale Automatics has posted a lot of tech on this list. If I was replacing the T/C I would go Extreme. I would also change out the valve body with an Extreme. If you do not find the info you need on the list, then e-mail him to get suggestions.

Till you decide how to deal with it from the information gained from the 3FE list, do as Wayne suggests and drive around town in 3rd, then go to OD when you are above 80kmph.


Thanks for the info guys. You nailed it, Wayne. It's between 60 and 80, no prob over 80 kph. It feels like the lockup is switching on/off repeatedly. It started as a slight vibration (when I bought the truck in September), so I thought the engine was just lugging, but it gradually got worse and now it is a real shudder (i.e. shakes the truck).

I have been driving in 3rd around town, it only becomes and issue when varying speed on the highway like on the Sea to Sky or anywhere on the #1 between Vancouver and the Wack when traffic can go anywhere between 60 and 140. I'll keep shifting on the fly until I can get it fixed.

Greg, thanks for your suggestions - I've heard good things about the extreme valve body, etc. Time to start saving.
Snaggin Wagon said:
Greg, thanks for your suggestions - I've heard good things about the extreme valve body, etc. Time to start saving.

I don't know the 1st thing about auto transmissions, or if a new valvebody or t/c would fix it, or be masking something else. However, searching that list and then asking some of the experts there what they think a solution is would perhaps lead to something.


I have an issue with my H442 nothing with OD .. I thought is something to speed related .. when is cold ( and sometimes hot ) start swithcing speeds .. between 1 and 2 ( I drive my cruiser under 2000 rpm when is cold )

When I driven more fast switching between 2 and 3rd ( OD off always ) no matter what is down hill or in flat sruface ..

Never ( so far ) do it in uphill ..

So I'm little confused about the reazon .. tranny speed sensor . ?

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