SOLD Toronto: 1994 FZJ80 - Check Dropbox for photos

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Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
United States
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1994 FZJ80 (USDM)
226300 Miles (350K KMs)
1FZ-FE 4.5L
Automatic A442F Transmission
Full float rear axles
Rear disc brakes


[[ 94' FZJ80 ]]

- Extremely clean frame
- CLEAN underbody
- Immaculate Complete Interior (with 3rd row seats, 8 seater)
- Full working electronics (all buttons)
- R134 A/C blows ice cold
- Flawless Hi and Lo range
- New 285/75r16 BFG KO2
- Weather stripping in good condition
- CLEAN Rear hatch in good condition
- Flawless Cruise Control (often used)

Modifications/Additional Parts:

- ARB Front Bumper
- HELLA spotlights
- Smittybilt 9.5k winch
- OME 3" J lift heavy duty suspension (850J/863J)
- OME Caster correction bushings
- OME Steering dampener
- Front swaybar drop bracket
- Aftermarket snorkel
- Custom DUAL swing out rear bumper
- DeltaVS Panhard Lift Bracket
- WellVisors Polycarbonate window visors/rainguard
- ATOTO A6 Android Dual Din
- Front Windows Tinted
- NEW JDM Floor mats
- NEW JDM Sunroof visor
- NEW JDM Rear Roof wing


- Bypassed EGR System (Prolongs engine life)
- New Trak Radiator
- New Kirkland Battery
- 5w30 Oil change with OEM filter
- Full coolant system flush (drained from rad and block. Ran distilled water full heater on max heat 30 mins. Filled with Prestone 50/50. Reservoir closely monitored, Does not drop in level)
- New fuel filter
- New spark plugs (oem denso)
- New PCV Valve and grommet
- Throttle Body service (carb cleaner + toothbrush)
- Mass Air Pressure meter service (blasted with MAF cleaner)
- Alignment (tire shop)
- New tie rods
- Full Brake Service (grease and pads)
- New E-brake Shoes
- Wheel bearing inspected and repacked grease
- misc vacuum hoses and heater hoses replaced around the engine bay
- Valve cover service
- Half moon seal service
- Checked timing and set to 3 Degrees BTDC
- Replaced rear passenger door lock actuator
- New windshield washer pump
- New Michelin Front Wipers
- New Rear Wiper
- New Charcoal Canister (VC120)
- New TOYO U-Joints (4) front and rear driveshaft
- New Belt Drives (3) one A/C, two alternator

Things in progress:
- Put a $100 deposit on 863 springs (awaiting arrival - total cost $275)
Without constant load, 863J (3.5") rear springs sits high up creating the "stinkbug". 863 springs have the same constant load capacity but are one inch shorter at (2.5"), leveling out the vehicle as a result.
- Put a $400 deposit on custom sliders (total cost 1075, fabricator has begun the process)

Extra parts:
- Mole rack for safari windows
- LX450 flares + 25' new rubber grommet for installation
- OEM Head unit
- OEM Side steps
- OEM Front Bumper
- Secondary swing out arm (for jerry cans)

Things to note:
- Transfer case has been serviced by the previous owner (see photos - notice red RTV between the housings)
- Intake plenum gaskets has been changed (evident non factory bolt markings)
- Telescopic antenna doesn't work (but receives radio signal fine)
- Exterior paint (pin stripes from off roading) but can be buffed out
- Rear panel has a small dent from off roading (can be pulled out by Paintless Dent Repair)
- Random people always commenting about the truck while on the road

If the ad is still up, the vehicle is still available
Asking 16.5k CAD/ 12.5k USD
Price negotiable

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