Torn part 2....

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Feb 11, 2004
Big D
Ok guys i must of had a major brain fart or something...i misunderstood the guy and the truck is a 91' not a 93'. Runs and drives great...i test drove it last night and everything is up to par. Just got inspected and is good to go.

Its very clean and more then likely i will be picking up today. Power wise how are the 91's? I see alot of members in this forum have 92's and 91's and they are built nicely and look like they can take whatever can be thrown at them.

For $5K am i getting a good deal....154k, ARB, PIAA lights, Leather, Brand New Michelins on aftermarket rims (aren't cheesy crome), Side step ups (could double as sliders).

I have read Slee's info on the 80's but can ya'll skool me a lil' bit more? I am a former 60's owner so i know those really well but i would like to know more about center diff switch and anything else i will expect.


BigSur said:
I am a former 60's owner so i know those really well but i would like to know more about center diff switch

What exactly you wanting know? From what I understand, it's standard on all 91's and 92's. It's used to lock the transfer case locking the front and rear driveshafts and sending equal power to the front and rear differentials.

It's not standard on the later models maybe because their TC's have a viscous coupling, but the switch can be easily added for more locking flexibility.

You might want to drive a '93' or later to see what you think. Good luck if you decide to get it.

Only you can decide about the power of an '91/'92, the '93+ has more, but whether you want/need it or not is up to you. On the trail, the power difference gets reduced a little thanks to the auto tranny and it still having gobs of torque.

About the side steps, they wont double as sliders, they will get bashed to hell and probable knocked up into your rockers causing more damage than if you didn't have them.

The 80's are pretty straight forward, nothing too out of the ordinary. Just do a fluid baseline, birf job (the hard part), and change rotor, cap, wires, plugs, filters, and PCV valve and then be done with it.
In view of the year model change I need to ammend my metaphor:

This would be more like a balogna sandwich and a Philly cheesesteak sandwich....:D

Still better but not by as great a margin........:grinpimp: :grinpimp:

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