For Sale Tool box cover and manual steering column w/box 94903

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Jun 23, 2014
Stafford, VA
United States
Pulled these from a 1970, I have the latches for the tool box cover. I can ship the cover, not the steering column.

Cover $40
Column $40

Dibs. If you can hold on to the column for a month, I will buy it and pay you now. I will he in Sausalito in a month for a memorial. I assume that's close to you? Can you snap a pic of the top of the cooumn where the nut threads on that holds the steering wheel?

Which reminds me: got steering wheel?
I'm in. So, I know nothing about the Bay Area. Are you near Sausalito? Is Sausalito a big place?
It's not a big place and it's very close to me. I can meet you there easily with the parts.
Cool. PP?
I have a buddy that needs that tool box cover.

I'll forward this to him.
I'd like the cover if you still have it.
Sent you an update on my ETA in Sausalito. See you in a week.

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