Too expensive? - 1995, 68K, 17K?

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Jun 20, 2003
Fort Langley, BC
It certainly is low mileage. It could be worth 17 or perhaps more IF it has diflfocks AND it has had it's 60K service to include a valve adjust AND complete front axle service AND rear wheel bearing service. A complete service as described would approach 2,000 bucks at a dealer. So, if that has not been done I'd start by knocking 2k off from the get-go. If it does not have locks and you want them, ARB's run a couple grand + and adding OEM electrics could surpass 4 grand. For me, no 60k service and no locks = 15k, TOPS.
You can probably get a '97 LX450 w/ similar miles for the same price ($17K), and you can be more confident that's it's never seen dirt before. Heck, I've even seen a '99 100 series w/ a little more mileage for about that price!
Ben, the colour is definitely right ;)

It is in Bellingham right? (FYI I use 98281 as the zip to search distance from on autotrader because that's Point Roberts and so is directly comparable to VCR) There are a couple of people on this board and the 40/60 board who live in that area who could maybe look at it for you. Post a message under "Chat" and ask.

By my old spreadsheet your cost at $17kus will be a little over $28,000CDN incl tax to get it landed, dutied inspected etc.. at .73. I notice there was a 93 in the paper last week here with 59,000miles for $27,000 obo.

Anyway, if it has lockers and is as good as they say then I would say the convenience factor makes it worth it if you love the truck and can bear the expense. Without lockers I'd say wait it out.
Buddy of mine just picked up a 94 w/ elockers, under 100k miles here in NJ and he paid $7,500. :eek: 8)

Look for a better deal.
My understanding is that it does have lockers and has had at least some of the 60K service (repack bearings and brakes but sure about valves). More later.
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Buddy of mine just picked up a 94 w/ elockers, under 100k miles here in NJ and he paid $7,500. :eek: 8)

Look for a better deal.
What kinda shape was it in?
I'm looking at a 94 with elockers and 200k. Other than miles in optical perfect condition with flawless service record.
It's in great shape. Owned by some old bag. She was a total maintenance hound on it too. :insertwickedcoolthumbsuphere: :D

Lockers engaged slowly at first, but now they are very quick. She had no idea what the switch was for.
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She had no idea what the switch was for.


Sorta sounds like you, don't it? ::)

BTW, how are those ARB's anyway? :p
OK - I finally got to check this 1995-80 tonight. The owner drove it to me to look at (not far, 50 minutes).
Anyway it has lockers, pretty clean, low miles but no perfect service record. I should have invited Semlin over to help look at it. ;)

Questions for the board -

1) I tested the lockers at my sister's farm in a cow field (no mud though).
Note: young kids - I actually read the manual first on how to engage, I don't think the owner knew much either. When engaging the lockers I first had trouble getting the front ones to lock. Note there was nothing to loose traction on and tried to slowly move forward and turn a bit. Then had some trouble to unlock the rear ones. Maybe this is all normal when not on slippery ground plus not being used in 5 years?

OR have the mechanics seized up?

2) After wheeling in the field I then went back to 4 high (with everything unlocked) and then drove to the pavement. This time I started out very slow and could hear a little "vibration???" from underneath. Perhaps it's the exhast system but could be tranny or transfer case. Because I'm used to my low tech BJ60 manual trans and not one of these "high tech automatic fulltime creatures" - I don't know what to make of this fairly quiet sound. Any ideas if this sounds normal?

The truck was very tight overall and I really like it.

3) Dan - Thanks for tip on 60,000 service. HE had it done just last week but the bill was only $1200(US). Repacked front (and rear??), did brakes including the rotors. The service tech noted that the brake fluid was dirty. I also noticed a light brake squeal when braking lightly.

Kind of looks like the guy maintains his rig like I maintain my 1984 BJ60 (not very proactive).

Body is in real good shape and it's loaded.

By the way - what's with the air deflector on the sunroof? I recall reading on this board that this can leak????

The wife and kids all liked it. Sure was a lot nicer to drive than the loud diesel.

I have a feeling that the guys are going to recommend finding another one like it but a first owner and rich soccer mom that loved to hang out at the dealer.

Have planned to have another look at it with my mechanic on Friday afternoon.

Advice please? ???
Another thing I noticed having my 60 parked side by side. I got out the tape measure and noticed that the 2 trucks are almost exactly the same inside dimension. Actually the 60 has more space in the rear length (1.5 inches). I need every square inch for camping/fishing gear.

I have always thought the 80 was larger.

Even the driver seat has less room for my knee with space being taken by the power window control panel unit.

I'm going to miss my BJ60 :'( :'( :'( ??? ??? ???
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Ben, the colour is definitely right ;)

By my old spreadsheet your cost at $17kus will be a little over $28,000CDN incl tax to get it landed, dutied inspected etc.. at .73. I notice there was a 93 in the paper last week here with 59,000miles for $27,000 obo.


...which paper had the add? I didn't see it. You wouldn't be reading the Province would you??? I figured a guy like you would read the Sun...

Ben :D
Thanks Semlin - I rechecked the paper and I now see the 94 and the 93. Seems to me I need to keep looking. I'm in no hurry.

you need to be more specific about the vibration. what exactly did it sound/feel like? Has it ever gone offroad (e.g., could the driveshaft be bent)? Try holding onto the transfer case shifter when you pull away and see what you feel. The post-94 has the 343 4runner tranny instead of the earlier 442 bus tranny in mine so I don’t know the normal sounds for it. a certain amount of truck like drivetrain whir noise is normal I think.

unused lockers tend to stick. They are also hard to engage unless on loose ground. If you got them engaged and disengaged first time you are likely good to go. It is also a sign that the vehicle has not been offroad.

if maintenance was casual I would make sure the mechanic has a good look at the coolant condition, coolant system and around the head gasket. Head gasket problems are an issue for all 80's but I have read more than once that the 97 is particularly susceptible although I have no idea why (95 to 97s have a different radiator from 93-94s). The root cause is thought by many to be that the trucks are prone to radiator blockage which leads to them running hot which leads to h/g failure, usually at #6 cylinder. One problem is that Toyota “red” antifreeze does not mix with other coolants and there are many reports that when mixed with standard antifreeze a sludge forms that blocks the rad causing the truck to run hot. Another problem is that the temp gauge sensitivity on the dash is “dumbed down” (see landandsea’s experience in Mexico) so as not to alarm soccer moms but allows you to run significantly hotter than normal without any change in the gauge. If your seller has towed heavy things or over long distances or been casual about coolant flushes (e.g., topping up the existing antifreeze) I would be careful. You can sometimes see things called “crusties” around the head if you already have the problem. If you are really worried about this issue a compression test will tell you if the truck has had the problem in the past and it might catch the problem if you have it right now.

also on the maintenance casual issue, what did the oil and other fluids look like? I would be unhappy if the oil is dark and dirty and he can’t show regular oil changes.

Is this the original owner? Where does the carfax say the truck has been? When buying a used car my motto is trust no one. My vendor out and out lied to me about body damage and had no shame about it.
On the "vibration" you can't feel it. just barely hear it. Once you get going past 5 Miles/hour it's gone. I'm picky about stuff like. Never been offroad and I believe him.

The vehicle is second owner but started life in NJ, then moved to DEnver and then Bellingham. Oil looked clean but it was just changed. He can show all records for oil changes ect.. but either can I.

As I thought about this last night I think I should take my time. There are lot's out there. I'm sure I'll be able to find an LX450 with lockers for around the same price. See my PM message on ARBs.

I think the lockers are OK just not used to them. My guess was that the truck was just detailed so I might be swayed by it's looks.

Little oil on the transfer case, not much but some.

thanks for your help. Man I want to get one of these.....
dont get rid of your bj60 though
youll regret it
i just bought a 60 and am liking it. the 80's a great truck, but is one landcruiser really enough? ::)

currently have an 80, 60 and 40
going to have to fix them up a little before I get any more :D
Yes I'm having 60 withdrawal worries but I'm not sure when I'd drive it. It needs a little rust work but otherwise a wonderful truck.

I think it might be able to kick the 60 habit. Heck my wife is the one that usually drives it as it's too much of pig to drive to work in.

Semlin et al...

As one might have figured, I bought it. Checked out real good so I bought it (compression test and everything looked great). The noise I heard was a broken clamp on on the exhaust shroud (it sounded like exhaust but I was paranoid). Went over service records and looked good but not steller (B- grade). Only thing the mechanic found was that the power steering fluid was a dirty and needed to be changed.

I ended up getting him down to $18K which I know is a probably a little too much (even in the northwest) but I really liked the wooddash, lockers, color, mileage, security system (which I didn't know I wanted until I read the board lately). The hassle of the rear door lock on my BJ60 bugs me, I now have that solved. I was always checking and locking the stupid thing.

One question I have is where should I get the recall letter from? Toyota Canada? via the dealer OR

Toyota US and dealer?

I know you already told me but have had too many bevs tonight (friday night) to look that up.

Thanks for help guys, I know I should have waited and gone longer distance but this truck really looked sweet to me.

Execellent 8) 8) 8)

You will really like the truck & be amazed at how fast you will cope with the "60" withdrawls.


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