For Sale Tons of CHEAP 40, 60, 62, 80 and Chevy Parts In Placerville, CA No shipping (1 Viewer)

Dec 10, 2008
Hey guys we are selling off a ton of our used parts for cheap. The Land lord decided to tear down my parts shop since it is not exactly up to code :D:D:D and I can't fit everything in my shop.

EVERYTHING IS LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. NOT SHIPPING. Sorry just don't have the time right now.

Here is SMALL idea of what I have.

Think of it as a Land Cruiser Garage sale.


1. Hard top roofs SOLD

2. a couple sts of ambulance doors

3. Jump seats...only 1 left

4. Heaters

5. tons of bucket seats

6. axle housings

7. Springs

8. Drive shafts

9. Brand new quarter panels and wheel wells from real steal Cruisers

10. Brake and clutch parts

11. Birfs and axle shafts

12. Bibs and grills

13. Steering columns

14. Wiring harnesses

15. F and 2F parts

16. Seat belts

17. Gas tanks

18. wheels

19. Air cleaners

20. Valve covers

21. Frames (no titles)

22. Most of a RUff STuff SOA KIT


FJ62 gas tank with fuel pump...$50

3. Fj62 Power steering box with no leaks...$150

4. Various seats

5. Tons of seat belts

6. tons of motor parts

7. Transmissions

8. Detroit tru track locker set up on a 4.10 ring gear...worked well..SOLD

9. Shifters

10. various interior parts

11. bellhousings

12. stock springs

13. wiring harnesses

14. smog parts

15. 4 rough doors good for half doors...4 for $100

16. Rear hatches

17. Ac Parts

18. Brake and clutch parts

19. Drive shafts

19. Wheels

20. Hitches

21 etc etc etc etc etc etc



fender flares


Misc interior

Not a whole lot


1. TBI 350 with water pump, alternator, ram horn manifolds, distibutor, coil, stand alone wiring harness, computer, air cleaner, and some more little items...Was in my Land Cruiser and rebuilt 3-4 years ago with AT THE MOST 4k miles ago by the previous owner. Ran awesome in my Cruiser. Saved it for another ig, but it never happened....Asking $500

2. 14 bolt semi float rear axle. Not sure of the gear ratio, but feels like it has a posi in it. Spring perches are cut off and tubes were sanded down. Ready to build!...asking $125

3. 4 37/12.5/16.5 Good year milatary tires. On what I was told were 8 lug hummer wheels (not too familiar with them). Tires have low tread, but still ran good on the rocks. All hold air fine and no plugs that I see...asking $150 for all 4

4. Sm420 or sm465 with 205 transfer case (I can remember off hand)...working fine when pulled...asking $150

5. 85' 700r4 with 208 tranny. Great crawler transmission...worked when pulled years ago...asking SOLD
6. Tons of Saginaw steering boxes ...$30 each

Just give me a call at 530-401-2023 or PM me here and we can figure out a time for you to come up and have a look.


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Dec 10, 2008

So far I sold the OME 60 springs, one set of stock 40 springs, jump seats, and an alternator. Come on guys its a free for all over here!

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