Today at Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale

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May 16, 2004
Sunspot AZ
Why do I have to ALWAYS go into grill Nazi mode? The descriptions say full frame off resto, no expense spared. Then I see this. Do I HAVE to start bringing my Japanese philips screwdrivers to these events??

IMG_7231 2.jpeg

IMG_7219 2.jpeg

IMG_7231 2.jpeg
What’s going on with that blue one😳
I’m guessing from the black piping that they’re FST doors; the weatherstripping sticks out like that.
I love seeing “full frame off restoration” , then a chevy motor, aftermarket seats, Dakota gauges, newer wheels and tires….. Thats fine, just don’t call it restored.
I’d still drive any of them in kruiserkev’s image.

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