to sell or part out?

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Mar 9, 2007
Calgary, Canada
Hey Mudders;
here's the moral dilema; i need to get rid of my rig, whether it be selling it or parting it out.
Now, if i opt out of the selling side of things, based on any one's experience, can i make the same amount of money by parting it out.
there is nothing wrong with the rig, nor is it bad, i just need to get some cash for the truck and don't want it sitting anymore.
I love the truck, but i can't take it with me.
It's a HDJ81 5speed if that helps at all.
I think the biggest factor in the equation is going to be how much you figure your time is worth? If you sell the truck, someone comes and buys it and it's off your hands. If you decide to part it out, you'll have to take all the bits and pieces apart, and more than likely, your buyer is not going to be local and you will have to package it all up and ship it. Not only that, but some part are going to go quickly (a 1HD-T with a 5 spd is going to be pretty attractive), but other nick nacks are going to sit a while.
i'm asking 15 for it; it came from Outback imports originally, but has had a ton of upgrades since.
Let me know if anyone is interested.

Yes, it's a right hand drive.
Well, it'll go back up for sale in the next coming days. Keep your eyes open for it.

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