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Nov 24, 2003
I have a 91 fj80, have had it for about 4 yrs now. It was a clean one owner and it still looks great but it has a list of squawks that will dig into the pocket a bit:
ac inop
cruise inop
problem with rust in fuel tank from the po letting the gas go bad. this is the biggest issue, last weekend my gf and i went on a road trip and after driving the interstate for a while in 90deg temp, the engine started cutting out like it was starving for fuel. really made her uneasy about driving it in the future... (what could be the cause?)

well, I found a 93 with fewer miles and in pretty decent shape plus it already has an ARB front bumper and a filt kit. not sure what i can get it for but thinking 4k-4.5k i might buy it and sell my other.

any feedback? would i be better to fix mine and keep it or ditch it and get the newer one? would mine be worth 3k?

i know this is a subjective question but thought i would throw it out for discussion
Is the 93 Locked? What size lift/tires does the 93 have?

I think FWIW, I would definately go take the 1993 for a test drive, have it checke dout. Make sure you have all those duckies lined up before pulling the trigger.

Plus, the 1993 has the 1ZFZ 4.5l and is a great engine (plus the A442 bus tranny!) GO FOR IT!

i think if ur replacing the lc with another no harm no foul ... go for it
Summertime, No A/C , driveability issues?? not gettin 3k
even if it has , 170K
i would personally figure out what is wrong with your 91 and try to fix it. The 93 will be a slight upgrade but atleast you know the history of your rig and you know its a good truck.
Sounds like you could be having fuel delivery issues. I would change the fuel filter as well as the filter sock (I assume a 91-92 FJ80 has one of these) on the fuel pump. Also when was the last time you gave it a tune up? Sounds like it may be overdue.

A little trouble-shooting and some wrenching you should be able to figure out the Rigs issues.

As for the AC and cruise control, I would use this great resource that is Mud and tackle those two items.
Drove the 93, it seems like a nice ride. It has the center diff lock like my 91 but not the selector.

My 91 seems to be vapor locking or something when it gets really warm. Step on peddle and she dies, feather the peddle and it doesnt. Anyone know what that might be from? It could be from the rusty tank. When I bought it the fuel pump was a ball of rust and I replaced it, started right up after that.

I do like the thought of upgrading the engine and brakes but it is true, I know the history of my current ride and it looks like the po never had it off road. My main thought though is that if I have to spend $$$ fixing current squawks, I could just replace the whole thing with one without those problems...totally aware that the new rig could have a whole other list of problems. With these things, you never know.

Keep up the good feedback, I appreciate all the help.
When was your last fuel filter?

If you know you have rust in the tank, you better change the fuel sock & the filter before you go any further, it's the "low hanging fruit" in this sort of situation.

Plus the only way to get that $3K out of it is to fix this issue - I didn't see the miles on yours, but to give you an idea I have been offered a '97 LX450 with 253K on it, no lockers & has the original HG, also plenty of service records & the leather interior is in fair condition (light staining, no holes) - it was offered to me for $3K & I turned it down.
I changed the fuel filter when I relaxed the fuel pump when I first got her. That's the one that's a pain in the butt to get.

My 91 has 260k and the 93 I am looking at has 227k.

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